A recent study done on snoring and sleep disorders just might have you in shock! Besides that fact that most people who snore are constantly buying the next great snore-reducer, snoring can actually hurt you terribly financially.

snoring and other sleep disorders may be costing you more than you think


Study finds unemployment rates were 30% higher for people with sleep disorders.

Lab Report

Snoring makes you poorer – and we’re not just talking about the money your partner spends on earplugs.  Though many consider snoring to be a nighttime problem, it has real consequences on your waking life, too, particularly for your wallet.  New research demonstrates that chronic snorers earn less money than people with normal sleep habits.

Since the health effects are already known, researchers in Denmark sought to find how snoring and other breathing-related complications affected people financially. For their sleep problems alone, snorers spent about $1,000 extra per year, sleep apnea sufferers paid more than $5,000, and those with obesity hypoventilation syndrome exceeded a whopping $15,000.

What’s worse is that the patients with these conditions are less equipped to pay for this healthcare.  Unemployment rates were 30 percent higher for people with these sleep disorders. Of the people who did have jobs, they earned significantly lower paychecks than people without sleep problems.  Undoubtedly, the drowsiness that results from these conditions reduces productivity, thus affecting how people are compensated.

Even though treatment of snoring and sleep apnea may be costly, it appears worthwhile to nip it in the bud.  Treating and conquering the problem early could save you from years of lost jobs and wages.

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Aromatherapy is commonly used to alleviate stress, but it’s also useful in aiding sleep and treating sleep disorders. Aromatherapy is the therapeutic use of essential oils to comfort and heal, and it is one of the fastest growing alternative therapies in the Western world. In aromatherapy, the essential oils are used externally rather than taken internally.

Essential oils are said to stimulate an area of the brain, known as the limbic system, that controls your moods and emotions. Sleep is a crucial component of human life, and all mammal, reptile and bird life need it. Sleep helps to refresh, restore and heal the body and the brain.

How Much Sleep Do You Need?

According to webmd.com, a typical adult needs between seven and eight hours of sleep per night, although some people only need five hours and others need 10. When a person runs a “sleep deficit,” meaning they have not had enough sleep in previous nights, then they will require more sleep in subsequent nights.

Sleep Quality vs. Quantity

Although the quantity of sleep is important, quality of sleep is also significant. According to the Better Sleep Council of Canada, six hours of uninterrupted sleep is better than eight hours of disturbed sleep. Disturbed sleep usually includes periods of wakefulness and/or periods of tossing and turning. It can also include difficulty getting to sleep or difficulty waking up.

What Causes Sleep Problems?

There are many causes of sleep problems including:

  • Pain – Pain can cause difficulty in getting to sleep and staying asleep. Pain medications may help alleviate this but some have added side effects.
  • Poor Diet – Caffeine, alcohol and a large snack before bed can all cause sleep disturbances. Drinking any fluids before bedtime can make some people prone to wake to go to the bathroom.
  • Bedroom Temperature –  A bedroom which is too warm or too cold can affect sleep. The ideal bedroom temperature is about 60º
  • Bed – Uncomfortable beds can cause back pain as well as make people need to toss and turn more than usual. Ensure the bed is no more than 10 years old and is appropriately designed and manufactured.
  • Noise and Light – People sleep best when their environment is quiet and dark. Remove any sources of noise or light.
  • Snoring – Either partner’s snoring can cause sleep disturbance.
  • Anxiety – Emotional turmoil, anxiety and stress can all cause a person to lie awake worrying or wake up suddenly and be unable to return to sleep while the mind is racing.

How Sleep Scentsations Can Help with Your Sleep Problems

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Essential oils can be used in a variety of ways to help alleviate sleep problems. Two of the best essential oils to aid a good nights rest are chamomile and lavender, both found in our RELAXING scented pillow liner, because of their anxiety calming properties.

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For more information on help with snoring visit our post on 5 Drug-Free Ways to Stop Snoring Now.

Aromatherapy essential oils can be used to relax, reduce stress and alleviate snoring, increasing the likelihood of a good night’s sleep.

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Did you know that Aromatherapy could actually help you quit smoking cigarettes? Why spend hundreds of dollars on a patch? When you could be spending your money on relaxation and better sleep right?

What most people do not know is the fact that Aromatherapy (the inhaling of essential oils to heal our bodies and influence emotions) dates back thousands of years. Aromatic oils were actually used by the royal families of ancient Egypt. Today, science is confirming what some cultures have known for centuries: scent can arouse feelings, suppress urges and even provide curative benefit to certain physical ailments.

Simply by breathing the aromatherapy while you are sleeping, you send scent molecules into your system where they entirely bypass the brain-blood barrier and move directly to you brain’s olfactory nerve. There they are received by the limbic system, your body’s control center for emotions, memory, stress response, metabolic function and sexual arousal.

Many people feel the effects immediately and the best part is that Aromatherapy is completely safe and non addictive, so feel free to use as often as you would like!

Aromatherapy and essential oils change moods and influence how you feel. Scents that are believed to help relieve the effects of nicotine addiction are lavender, bergamot, and chamomile.  A number of people have found that bergamot takes away smoking cravings for cigarettes, helping them give up smoking more easily.

Again, keep in mind the emotional moods and symptoms you experience everyday.  Now you might want to consider using a product like Sleep Scentsations when you are feeling aggravated (especially after a long day of work) because you are trying to quit and you are feeling withdrawals.  Inhaling a calming scent like Ginger and Amber will help you relax and fall asleep before you may even reach for that cigarette!


Using essential oils is a simple but very effective way to help you through something that is so challenging.  Why not spend $20 bucks for a lifetime of better breathing?

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3. Once scent diminishes, remove and replace with a new liner.

In today’s stress-filled world, a visit to a spa can provide much-needed rejuvenation for body and soul. While there is no substitute for being pampered by someone else’s hands, you need not spend a small fortune to experience the benefits of a day or two at the spa. In fact, you can create a near-professional spa experience in your own home. All you need is the desire and bit of equipment.

Your Equipment Checklist
Your first step is to assemble a list of locally available products that will replicate those used in the finest spas. And don’t forget to pamper yourself with classic, elegant spa garb — a luxuriously thick white terrycloth robe.

A home spa experience should include products and tools to revitalize the body, face and hair. Here is a short checklist:

  1. Long handled natural bristle bath brush
  2. Loofah or Terry cloth washcloth (Avoid synthetic scrubbers as they are overly harsh)
  3. Bath salts
  4. A selection of essential aromatic oils
  5. Anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory cleansers, toners and moisturizers (more on this later)
  6. Coarse sea salt
  7. Plenty of chilled spring water (with a splash of lime or lemon) to keep your body hydrated and to eliminate toxins from the inside out.

The Role of Essential Oils
Essential oils, made from the petals of flowers, are extremely beneficial for the skin. In addition to being pleasantly scented, these oils regulate the activity of the capillaries and restore vitality to the tissues. In addition, floral oils rejuvenate the skin, eliminate waste matter and facilitate the regeneration of new, healthy cells.

Never apply essential oils directly to the face or skin. Add about six drops to a bowl of warm water. Soak a cotton cloth in the water and then apply to face and neck as a compress for five minutes. Repeat three times. Gently towel dry the face and neck and apply an anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory facial splash and activator.

For sensitive skin, try a product like Sleep Scentsations Aromatherapy Pillow liners infused with natural essential oils to get the same relaxing effects of essential oils without having to have them touch your skin directly.

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