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Celebrate Mom!  Show her how much you care with a gift from the heart.

Sleep Scentsations would like to celebrate ALL of the mothers out there with our Mother’s Day Relaxation Giveaway! Show the special mom in your life how much you care by entering to win for her!

Surround her with fresh aromatic scents of relaxing Lavender and Chamomile that will help her unwind and enjoy a better night of sleep (now what mom doesn’t need that?)

Sleep Scentsations products are a soft, cushioned pillow liner infused with quality aroma-therapy oils that lasts for 4-6 nights.  They create a relaxing spa experience in your bedroom and indulge your senses as you drift off to sleep. Simply place Sleep Scentsations aroma-therapy liners on your pillow and enjoy a natural, drug-free solution to help you get a better night of sleep.

Since 2007, Sleep Scentsations has been providing a dream-inducing balance of comfort and affordable luxury – the perfect combination for a rejuvenating night’s sleep.  And as more and more research shows, the perfect night’s sleep can lead to improved health and overall wellness.


Win a Gift Box of our Lavender and Chamomile “Relax” Scent (a 30 day supply) and our NEW 60 minute Relaxation CD to help relax the mind and body!

The contest is open to Sleep Scentsations Facebook Fans.  Visit us at www.facebook.com/sleepscentsations , “Like” our page and be sure to Post your entry on our FaceBook wall by midnight April 30th and automatically be entered to win!  1 Entry per person. 

Winner will be randomly chosen and the gift will be shipped within 24 hours of confirming shipping address.

Check out www.sleepscentsations.com for more information about Sleep Scentsations aromatherapy products

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Headaches are experienced by many women during pregnancy. Certain remedies and medications are best avoided during pregnancy; however, some essential oils like lavender, and chamomile provide gentle and effective relief from headaches for those seeking a safer, more natural remedy.


There are many causes of headaches in general as well as during pregnancy, including:

  1. stress
  2. tension
  3. allergies
  4. constipation
  5. coffee consumption
  6. eyestrain
  7. hunger
  8. sinus pressure
  9. muscle tension
  10. hormonal imbalance
  11. TMJ syndrome
  12. head trauma
  13. nutritional deficiencies
  14. the use of drugs, alcohol or tobacco
  15. exposure to chemicals

According to the Mayo Clinic, estrogen levels rise rapidly early on in pregnancy and stay that way for the duration. As a result, migraine headaches may improve, but for some women, tension headaches will continue and perhaps even worsen for those who normally experience headaches as part of their menstrual cycle.

For any woman experiencing headaches during pregnancy, some essential oils can provide a safer alternative remedy as well as a calming, uplifting, aromatic experience.

Lavender essential oil is safe and effective to use during pregnancy, and is one of the only two essential oils (together with Roman chamomile) that can be used safely as soon as you find out you are pregnant.

Lavender has a harmonizing effect on the nervous system, helping to deal with stress as well as the symptoms of stress such as headaches. It is calming, comforting, reviving and soothing, great for insomnia and perfect for headaches during pregnancy!

Sleep Scentsations is the perfect choice in order to reap the benefits of lavender and chamomile aromatherapy.  Our pillow scents last 3-5 days and leave behind no residue.

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This season has been tough on sinuses! Many people struggle with sinus infections, sinus pressure, sinus headaches, etc. After sending a few samples to a blogger for review, one of the comments she had was that her mom felt that sleeping with Sleep Scentsations helped clear up her sinuses!

Sinusitis is an inflammation of the sinuses that can cause painful headaches and tenderness in the face. To help decongest the sinuses and relieve the inflammation, there are a number of aromatic herbs that you can use in an aromatherapy treatment. The use of aromatherapy for healing dates back 5,000 years to the Egyptians and their use of aromatic herbs for incense burning. Today, aromatherapy is an effective way to heal emotions and physical distress.


Lavender essential oil is a nervine that promotes relaxation and helps with sinus headaches due to its analgesic properties. It is especially beneficial in treating sinuses that are blocked with phlegm and is an antiseptic, defending your immunological system against airborne viruses.

We love this because it is a NATURAL, Medication-Free way to help clear up those annoying sinuses.  Using Sleep Scentsations’ Aromatherapy Pillow Liners while sleeping not only helps you sleep better, it’s healing your body without you having to do anything! Think about it, by using the Pillow Liners, the healing properties of Aromatherapy are being inhaled right into the area of the nose and face you are trying to alleviate!

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Just like test driving a new car, or a mini sample of shampoo and conditioner, Sleep Scentsations has decided to offer our customers the opportunity to try out 1 liner at a time – NO Committment necessary!!

We want to give our customers the opportunity to  try out multiple scents to ensure you know which scent is the perfect scent for YOU before having to commit to buying 8 liners at 1 time.  Go ahead, pick a couple of scents you think will help you sleep better, guilt-free for only $3.50 a liner!

Beware! You might become addicted!!

RELAXING – Classic blend of lavender, bergamot, chamomile and cedarwood essential oils to help you unwind.

WHITE TEA & LILY – Fresh, clean scent with floral notes of lilies and a subtle hint of white tea.

SNORE Rx – A therapeutic blend of essential oils formulated to suppress snoring and provide a more restful nights sleep.

MY BOYFRIEND’S SHIRT – Like the scent of his favorite shirt, enjoy the sexy blend of musk, jasmine and sandalwood.

DAY AT THE BEACH – Feel like you are falling asleep on your beach towel with the scents of the ocean air, warm sand and suntan lotion.

FRESH CUT GRASS – Fall asleep to the pleasant memories of a spring day and the scent of freshly cut grass in the air.

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