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CLEARWATER, Fla., Jan. 9, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Infusion Brands International, Inc. (Infusion Brands) (Pink Sheets:INBI) and Therascent Products LLC (Therascent) today announced a licensing agreement whereby Infusion Brands holds the worldwide exclusive license to manufacture and sell products that incorporate Therascent’s patented technology, which include the Sleep Scentsations brand and its flagship product, SnoreRx, as well as the entire Therascent product line.

“Therascent spent a long time looking for the right partner to help educate the world about our patented products, which enhance the air people breathe while they sleep, providing a better night’s rest so they can lead more fulfilling and productive lives,” said Lynne Sammons, president of Therascent Products LLC. “This is a significant step forward for Therascent. We’re proud to be working with Infusion Brands to help us achieve our long term goals.”

According to BCC Research, the worldwide sleep aids market reached revenues of $25 billion in 2009, and are anticipated to reach $33.2 billion in 2014. Sleep Scentsations’ patented sleep aid products will look to gain market share by leveraging the unique combination of a natural and non-invasive solution to combat sleeplessness and its side effects, such as sleep deprivation, irritability and drowsiness.

Sleep Scentsations products are a newly patented, non-invasive sleep aid delivery system to distribute essential oils without the mess that often comes with essential oil based products. This patented technology consists of a soft cushioned pillow liner, infused with a combination of natural aromatherapy essential oils, which lasts for 4 to 6 nights. As you sleep, the air you breathe is naturally enhanced by the essential oils to provide you with the proper night’s rest, relaxation, and relief from common sleep disorders such as snoring and insomnia.

“We’re very excited to bring Therascent Products into the Infusion Brands family,” said Bob DeCecco, chairman and CEO of Infusion Brands. “This is a terrific brand that is well positioned to realize its potential by leveraging direct to consumer marketing efforts such as direct response television, radio, print, catalogue, ecommerce as well as traditional retail channels of distribution worldwide. We believe this is an exceptional product that could offer relief to millions of people around the world who suffer from poor and inadequate sleep.”

Infusion Brands will launch Sleep Scentsations’ flagship product, SnoreRx, via a direct response television campaign during the first quarter of 2012. The patented SnoreRx pillow liner is infused with a therapeutic blend of essential oils formulated to provide relief from snoring without the need for aggravating nose strips, bad tasting sprays or cumbersome mouthpieces.

“Infusion Brands provides marketing insight, performance and commitment to delivering high quality products to its customers,” Sammons continued. “With their approach to building global brands through direct response media channels, we are confident that we will be able to realize the global potential of the Sleep Scentsations brand and our entire line of “Rx” products, beginning with SnoreRx.”

About Therascent Products LLC

Therascent Products LLC is an innovative American company focused on capitalizing on its patented essential oil delivery system for the global health and wellness market. For more information, visit www.sleepscentsations.com.

About Infusion Brands International

Infusion Brands International, Inc. (Pink Sheets:INBI) is a global consumer product company which builds and markets brands leveraging direct to consumer channels of distribution. With physical offices in North America, Europe and Asia, Infusion Brands has worldwide reach and capability. For more information, visit www.infusionbrands.com.

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Who doesn’t love Dr. Oz?  His website is a great resource for those looking for answers to their health issues!

How much do you really know about Sleep and Your body?

Take the Quiz!



Don’t feel like taking the quiz?  Just read the facts below!


Did you know sleeping on your side is considered the “healthiest”  sleep position. Ideally, this type of sleeper should lie with their back slightly curled, with bent knees and arms. This posture complements the natural curvature of the spine.



The minimum amount of sleep you need to function is 7 hours,  almost 3/4 of Americans aren’t having.  Someone who gets 5 hours – along with diabetes, a women’s chances for obesity and heart problems also increase by 50%. Additionally, weight gain and decreased immunity are side effects of sleep deprivation.


There are 81 different sleep disorders affecting approximately 70 million people in the US. Most of these are rare and affect few; the most common is insomnia. Ever heard of Parasomnia? This includes nighttime sleep-related eating disorders (SRED), sleepwalking (somnambulism), screaming (night terrors) and periodic limb movement disorder.


Up to 1 million adults could be sleep eaters, a possible contributing cause of obesity. In fact, a good percentage of patients who attend obesity clinics have been diagnosed with a sleep-eating condition.


Several studies in adults suggest that valerian root may improve sleep quality and reduce the time it takes to fall asleep. Valerian root is a common ingredient in many mild sedatives and sleep aids, but should not be mixed with other sedatives or anti-anxiety medications.  If your looking for a natural method to promote sleep – try SLEEP SCENTSATIONS Aromatherapy Pillow Liners.  Lavender is known for being extremely relaxing.


Sleep apnea is also a major cause of high blood pressure and can lead to inflammation and clogging of the arteries. If left untreated,it can result in irritability, depression, and in some instances, can be fatal. People that suffer from sleep apnea often have a large neck size (over 17 inches for men; 16 inches for women). Additional symptoms include loud snoring at night, interruptions in nighttime breathing, abrupt awakenings followed by shortness of breath, headaches, and memory loss.

Sleeping on your back, in the supine position, can cause the tongue to fall inwards blocking the breathing tube. Back sleepers are prone to snoring and people with sleep apnea should not sleep on their back. If you must sleep on your back, put a pillow under your knees and a small pillow under your lower back.


Taking a hot bath causes your body temperature to fall, making sleep more attainable. While exercise during the day can improve sleep, doing it close to bedtime is too stimulating. And while alcohol has a sedating effect, it can disrupt deep sleep.


Progressive relaxation is a sleep-inducing technique involving tightening and relaxing groups of muscles. It starts with the hands and then moves to the arms, shoulders, neck, head, and then down to the legs and feet.


If you are not asleep after 15 minutes, get out of bed. You want the bed to be associated with sleep, not wakefulness. Go into another room and engage in a non-stimulating activity until you begin to feel sleepy, and then head back to bed. You should reserve the bed for sleep and sex only.


65°F is ideal – you want to keep the room as cold as you can comfortably stand. You also want your bedroom to be as dark and quiet as possible.





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A recent study done on snoring and sleep disorders just might have you in shock! Besides that fact that most people who snore are constantly buying the next great snore-reducer, snoring can actually hurt you terribly financially.

snoring and other sleep disorders may be costing you more than you think


Study finds unemployment rates were 30% higher for people with sleep disorders.

Lab Report

Snoring makes you poorer – and we’re not just talking about the money your partner spends on earplugs.  Though many consider snoring to be a nighttime problem, it has real consequences on your waking life, too, particularly for your wallet.  New research demonstrates that chronic snorers earn less money than people with normal sleep habits.

Since the health effects are already known, researchers in Denmark sought to find how snoring and other breathing-related complications affected people financially. For their sleep problems alone, snorers spent about $1,000 extra per year, sleep apnea sufferers paid more than $5,000, and those with obesity hypoventilation syndrome exceeded a whopping $15,000.

What’s worse is that the patients with these conditions are less equipped to pay for this healthcare.  Unemployment rates were 30 percent higher for people with these sleep disorders. Of the people who did have jobs, they earned significantly lower paychecks than people without sleep problems.  Undoubtedly, the drowsiness that results from these conditions reduces productivity, thus affecting how people are compensated.

Even though treatment of snoring and sleep apnea may be costly, it appears worthwhile to nip it in the bud.  Treating and conquering the problem early could save you from years of lost jobs and wages.

For $15.99 you can get snoring relief with Sleep Scentsations’ SNORE RX formula!  It could change your life!

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Did you know that Alaska has daylight for almost 20 hours in the summer? And unfortunately most people have difficulty sleeping at night at this time of the year.  When we were contacted by a blogger from Alaska, this prompted us to do more research on how we can help Alaskans rest easier and better.

Not coincidentally we’re sure, Alaska has quite a few sleep clinics open to help those who suffer from Sleep disorders.

Did you know that there are more than 84 disorders related to sleep that can lead to a lower quality of life and diminished health?

Here are some of the more common sleep disorders that can be diagnosed and treated at a Sleep Clinic:


Luckily sleep clinics are in business to provide you with modern ways to help you change your life! Not just for Alaskans, there are sleep clinics all over the world studying sleep disorders and performing sleep studies to gain more and more knowledge on the subject.  If you’re having trouble sleeping and nothing is helping, contact your local sleep clinic!

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